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The Human Element: Obfuscation & Resolution

Part One - The Human Element: Obfuscation

Opens March 2nd and runs through March 30th 

Features the sensitive and realistic figurative paintings of 
Stephen Early
and the mythologically inspired wood sculptures of 

Part Two - The Human Element: Resolution

Opens April 6th and runs through April 27th 

Opening Reception & Catalog Release Event

April 6th, 5 - 8 pm

Rolf Jacobsen's wood sculpture - Hecuba. which references the Queen of Troy and is an abstraction of a person in the yoga position "child's pose."
Abstract figural painting by Danny McCaw Red Echoes
Stephen Early's square composition of a female nude in grays and blues - Rain #1.

 Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Rolf Jacobsen, Hecuba, 2023. Wood and gesso, 7 2/5 × 15 7/10 × 12 3/5 inches. 

Danny McCaw, Red Echoes, 2024. Oil on canvas, 50 × 40 inches.

Stephen Early, Rain #1, 2023. Oil on panel,12 × 12 inches.

In this two-phase exhibition, sculptor Rolf Jacobsen will show his work with expressionist painter Danny McCaw in March (Obfuscation) and then with contemporary realist painter Stephen Early in April (Resolution.) In Obfuscation, Jacobsen’s mythologically inspired forms and McCaw’s impasto paintings speak to the obscurity of the human element while Resolution, which pairs Jacobsen with Early’s realistic approach and eye for intimate detail, illustrates how clarity can be equally rich and raw.

An oil painting by Stephen Early of a nude figure sat atop a column holding a brown cloth.

Stephen Early, Adrift, 2024. Oil on linen, 18 x 8 inches.

Rolf Jacobsen's wood and gesso sculpture called Caduceus swirl is a vertical piece that references the staff that is associated with medicine in america.

Rolf Jacobsen, Caduceus Swirl, 2023. Wood and gesso, 20 2/5 × 11 4/5 × 11 4/5 inches.

 Beginning April 6, 2024
Part Two of The Human Element


Opens April 6th and runs through April 27th 

Features the sensitive and realistic figurative paintings of 
Stephen Early
and the mythologically inspired wood sculptures of 

The Human Element is an exhibition that acknowledges no two human relationships are the same. The combination of two individuals is completely unique and irreplaceable -each relationship cultivates different emotions and experiences.

This concept is underscored by the introduction of Stephen Early's newest paintings to The Human Element in part two "Resolution" which changes the viewing experience of Rolf Jacobsen's emotive sculptures.

Stephen Early is a classically trained figurative painter and teacher who is a renowned and integral part of the Philadelphia art world. Early presents a new collection of paintings in The Human Element: Resolution that beautifully captures the physicality of the human figure as well as the complexities of the soul inhabiting it.

Whether the clarity Early offers in his paintings is contextual, visual or emotional, in tandem with Rolf Jacobsen's dynamically emotive sculptures, a unique connection evolves to highlight the movement and tension contained within. Early's figures have a softness that is found in the hauntingly realistic and delicate details of the flesh. Jacobsen conveys a similar softness in the way he uses gesso and wood to describe skin and bone.

Both phases of The Human Element work together to provide a balanced view of humanity.

An abstract sculpture made of wood and gesso which depicts two figures supporting each other while forming an circular shape.
Oil painting by Stephen Early of a nude man cradling a nude woman in a protective way whilst laying on the ground.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Rolf Jacobsen, Affection of Anteros, 2023. Wood and gesso, 11 2/5 × 12 1/5 × 9 4/5 inches.

Stephen Early, Ephemeral Solace (From the Infinite Ache), 2024. Oil on canvas, 24 x 40 inches.

Stephen Early is a recognized leader in dramatic, sensitive, and sculptural renderings of his models. He is currently a teaching fellow at Studio Incamminati and a widely sought after painting teacher throughout the east coast; teaching workshops at fine art institutions including PAFA, the New York Academy of Fine Arts, The Torpedo Factory Art League in Alexandria, VA, the Queens Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Early has received many painting commissions from notable collectors including George Lucas for the project “Star Wars: Visions.” Recognitions for his compelling and cathartic figurative works include a Certificate of Excellence at the Portrait Society of America's 2008 and 2010 Portrait Competitions among many others. Stephen Early's success and popularity are attributed to his dedication to his craft and his ability to not merely copy his models but to connect with them on a profound level and paint their humanity.

Sculpture made of wood and white gesso that resembles the figure of a crouching mythical giant - Antaeus.

Rolf Jacobsen, Antaeus Defeat, 2023. Wood and gesso, 9 2/5 × 7 9/10 × 5 1/2 inches.


Abstract oil painting with heavy impasto of an androgynous figure in an interior setting.

Danny McCaw, Silent Connection, ca. 2024.Oil on board, 12 x 9 inches

Rolf Jacobsen lives and works in Denmark with frequent visits to Italy to study and teach. His assembled wood and gesso sculptures reference mythological characters and/or stories. Jacobsen captures the delicate nature of the human form in his process which also communicates the strength and raw nature of the wood used.

Danny McCaw is a legacy artist who creates androgynous and generally ambiguous figures in his signature style. Using heavy impasto and direct application of color, McCaw's paintings are both contemporary and abstract. The figures are seen in familiar settings that recall community and togetherness.

Together, McCaw and Jacobsen illustrate the obscurity of the human condition. In Obfuscation, McCaw uses his paint to create both a vague illusion and actual tactility of the three-dimensional human element. The abstracted forms in McCaw's paintings pair beautifully with Jacobsen's sculptures, each of which tells a unique tale of resilience and fragility. The abstract nature of the sculptures is bolstered by their juxtaposition with McCaw's pieces.

Part One - The Human Element: Obfuscations

Opens March 2nd and runs through March 30th 

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