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Master Artist Series

Over the course of 2021, Stanek Gallery will feature three Artists of Influence. These master artists are recognized for their wide-reaching influence, both past and present, on the development of young artists and the Arts in their communities. With numerous features in museum, public, and private collections, their bodies of work demonstrate a continued evolution and a deep dedication to their practice. Incorporating their personal and public values into their work, the art of these masters has evolved and matured across a lifetime of creating.


With this new feature program, we proudly invite collectors and young artists to take note of their newest bodies of work!

Moe Brooker mixed media drawing titled "Evidence of Things Not Seen"

Moe Brooker

Renowned abstract painter Moe Brooker begins each work with a question. That question marks the start of a journey—it leads him on a search for information, spurring invention and creation, and prompting the artist to take risks. This journey, which Brooker calls a “search for the real”, is intrinsic to the artist’s practice.

Acrylic painting by James Brantley titled "Jimmy's."

James Brantley

"A life without art is like a like a life without air," reflects James Brantley, famed contemporary painter and life-long Philadelphian. Deeply dedicated to his studio practice, Brantley has created a distinctive visual language across his ever-evolving artistic career. Both master painter and compelling story-teller, Brantley continues to remain true to his vision and personal identity as an artist.

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