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Installations and Commissions

Stanek Gallery artists are available for commissioned work. 
This includes custom installation, life-size sculptures for gardens and homes, and personaliz
ed paintings upon request. Contact us for more information

What is a commission?

Requesting a commissioned artwork from an artist means you get to talk with the artist and have input in the production of a specific work of art.


Commission a life-size and/or weather-resistant version of a sculpture you love.


Commission your favorite artists to paint a particular type of work like an abstract painting or portrait of a loved one.

Site-Specific Installation

Transform a space by directly integrating an artwork of customizable subject, location, size, density, material and color. 

The Commission Process


Phase I - Consultation & Design

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will help you determine the artist(s) you would like to commission, as well as the medium, size, location, budget, and proposed timeline for your project. From there we can create a general design. To help you visualize your commission, we can photo-edit the piece into your space for a visual preview.

Phase II - Project Initiation


Now we finalize the design proposal, including the project timeline and cost. 

Upon agreement and an initial deposit, the artist begins working on your commission. 


Phase III - Delivery & Installation

Upon the completion of the commission, Stanek Gallery will facilitate the delivery of the artwork to your door and install it for you. All tools and installation expertise are provided.

Commission a sculpture

An example of a commissioned statue is Sainte Jeanne d’Arc (Girl in the War) by Julia Levitina. This work features Joan of Arc in 3/4 life-size. It was commissioned by the Academy of Sacred Arts in Philadelphia and installed at Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbour, MI. 

You can commission a work to a specified size, personalized subject matter,  and in weather-appropriate material as well. 

Julia Levitina's 3/4 life sized bronze statue titled Girl in the War also called Sainte Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc stands on a small pedastal while two nuns look on.

Julia Levitina, Sainte Jeanne d’Arc (Girl in the War) 2015. Bronze, 3/4 life-size.

Commission a painting

Oil painting of an older gentleman with white hair looking to the right.

Stephen Early, A Fitting Reunion, 2018. Oil on canvas 12 x 21 inches.

Stephen Early is a wonderful example of one of our artists who has painted commissioned portraits. Here is a commissioned portrait by Stephen Early.


You too can commission a portrait as a gift for a family member or loved one. You can also commission a landscape painting of your happy place

or an abstract piece that will brighten up your home.

Request a print/edition

In love with artwork but it sold?


Often times editions may be commissioned.  Printmakers can pull additional prints, sculptors can cast additional sculptures, and photographers can print photographs to your size specifications. Scott Farrell's Dune Grass at Low Tide is an excellent example of a limited-edition print that you can commission at a customizable size. Custom framing and matting are available for these works.

Large photograph in a frame in a living room

Scott Farrell, Dune Grass at Low Tide, 2018. Archival print, 38 x 54 inches.

Commission an Installation

Large outdoor installation sculpture with woman sitting on sculpture

Katherine Stanek, The AFL / The Huddle, 2020. Concrete and concrete pigment. Installed at the NFL Hall of Fame & ArtinStark in Canton, OH. 

The AFL/The Huddle by Katherine Stanek exemplifies the gravity a site-specific work has when installed. Seen here at the NFL Hall of Fame & ArtinStark in Canton, OH, the location adds context and deeper meaning to this piece.

Commission an installation that celebrates local culture in your community or a work that promotes nostalgia and well-being in your home.

Featured Artist: Carson Fox 
Site-Specific Commissions and Installations

Purple resin flowers sprinkling down from the ceiling and adheared to the wall

Carson Fox custom resin flower installation

In addition to her bold yet whimsical sculptural work, Carson is known for her fully customizable installation pieces. Here you can see an example of an installation in someone's home where the colors, changing density, and size have been personalized to fit this bedroom.

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