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Featured Artists

Scott Farrell's limited edition print - Mesquite Dunes and Clouds

Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell’s subjects feature everything from landscapes, nature, and rural and urban scenes, to architectural, abstract, and macro photography. Join Farrell and his fans by enjoying the irony and beauty in finding a desert-like landscape in the hulls of boats, or oceanic scenes contrived by combining mountains and painted wood.

Donna Usher

Donna Usher composes paintings with varied opacity, texture, and color combinations. Her work exudes joy - just one reason why it is so well received. There is a light-hearted playfulness that flows off the surface like a gust of inspiration. It is hard not to be positively affected by Usher's masterful work. 

Jackie Boyd

Jacqueline Boyd’s creative process is one of fluid thought, following her intuition, and letting go of expectations. Her subjects are always painted from observation with a specific focus on expressing gratitude for key elements of her life, such as: home, family, nature, memorabilia, and everyday objects that play a part in the artist’s daily routine. 

Michael Bartmann's large industrial oil painting:nTransition II, 2022, oil on cradled board. Painted in bold oranges and reds with pastel pinks and dark purples

Michael Bartmann

Michael Bartmann's haunting draftsman-like works in bold color capture the history and essence of different abandoned industrial buildings. These large paintings have an air of silent mystery that intrigues art novices and experts alike. Bartmann's oeuvre of work has grown through many evolutions but all capture the ghosts that lurk in these not-so-empty spaces he depicts.

Rhapsody in Blue installation at Temple University's Charles Library

Carson Fox

The vibrant and whimsical works of Carson Fox take on new forms through her installation commissions. Fox's resin installations are displayed in schools, offices, hospitals, public transportation hubs, homes, and more! Fox is extremely passionate about the ways in which public and private art installations bring color and imagination to an individual's subconscious as they exist with it in their daily life.

Gary Weisman bronze sculpture titled "Resting on Trust"

Gary Weisman

A teacher and sculptor of great acclaim, Gary Weisman has been on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art since 1986. He is a member of the National Sculpture society, and is noted for his close attention to detail through all of the complex processes involved in creating his often life-sized figures, "notable for their energetic musculature and rich, patinaed surfaces."

Oil painting by Roger Chavez titled "Untitled-Still life#38"

Roger Chavez

Gallery Artist Roger Chavez is a true master of his medium. Chavez began his education in the arts at the Maryland College of Art and Design, continued his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, and received his Master of Fine Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.

Barbara Fisher "Tiny Mutant" print

Barbara Fisher

Gallery Artist Barbara Fisher has been busy in quarantine! Transforming interior narratives into a visual language, Fisher creates stunning abstract works in a variety of mediums. Combining fragments of thoughts, gestural marks, scribbles, and fields of color, Fisher's atmospheric paintings provide a space for contemplation and discovery.

Mixed media painting by Deborah Fine "Chasing Zeus"

Deborah Fine

Philadelphia-based artist Deborah Fine is a master of abstraction. Fine trained at Carnegie Mellon, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Beginning her training in realism, Fine has since transitioned to abstraction, working in a variety of mediums primarily including acrylics and pastels.

Treacy Ziegler - In A Small Blue Boat, 2

Treacy Ziegler

Gallery Artist Treacy Ziegler is an extremely talented painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Ziegler trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and is now based in Upstate New York. Featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States, Ziegler is the recipient of various grants and awards, and has written extensively about art and social activism.

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