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Beneath the Surface

featuring the works of gallery artists
Scott Farrell
Mary Nomecos
Katherine Stanek
and guest artist
Donna Quinn

Opening Reception Saturday, November 4th

3:00 - 6:00pm

Exhibition continues through December 29th 

Scott Farrell's Dry documentaries photo, Frozen Lake Sunset, is a close up shot of the hull of a boat but looks like a firey orange sunset.
Mary Nomecos's abstract oil painting In Harmony is comprised of a range of colors with areas of solid black.
Katherine Stanek's concrete sculpture, Woman, shows a woman in a tense curled position.
Donna Quinn's panel Recollecting Series I (#11) is a square panel with layers of painted and drawn on paper.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Donna Quinn, Recollecting Series I (#11), 2023. Mixed media on paper mounted on panel,

12 x 12 inches. Inquire for price.

Katherine Stanek, Woman, 2023. Concrete, Edition of 5, 27 x 12 x 14 inches. Inquire for price.

Scott Farrell, Frozen Lake Sunset, 2023. Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching, Edition of 10,
16 1/2 × 11 inches. Inquire for price.

Mary Nomecos, In Harmony, 2023. Oil on canvas, 22 x 22 inches. Inquire for price.

What lies beneath the surface of a work of art? The answers are infinite. Scott Farrell, Mary Nomecos, Donna Quinn, and Katherine Stanek present work in Beneath the Surface that have more substance than layers of ink, paint, concrete, pastel, and pencil that physically comprise them. There is more here than meets the eye.

Scott Farrell's Double Image print called Volcanic Valley which overlaps a photo of a boat's hull and a volcanic landscape.

Scott Farrell, Volcanic Valley, 2023. Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching, Edition of 10,17 x 24 inches. Inquire for price.

Scott Farrell presents his new Double Vision series, the next generation of his popular Dry Documentaries series which captured close-up shots of boat hulls. Farrell merges reality and abstraction to create a new, more intriguing result.

Mary Nomecos's abstract painting called Speaking Out comprised of peach, blue, green, and black areas with visible brush strokes.

Mary Nomecos, Speaking Out, 2023. Oil and mixed media on canvas, 28 x 28 inches.  Inquire for price.

Mary Nomecos' brush strokes may seem random, but she is a purposeful composer whose notes dance across her canvases. Nomecos works intuitively, relying on her innate compositional skills while endless thoughts and decisions guide her brush. Join us to unveil what lies beneath the surface of an idea, an emotion, or a work of art.

Donna Quinn;s mixed media on panel work Conflicts of Interest #3 is the third in her Conflicts of Interest series and has a yellow-green color palette.

Donna Quinn, Conflicts of Interest (#3), 2023. Mixed media on paper mounted on panel, 6 x 36 inches. Inquire for price.

Guest artist Donna Quinn presents her newest mixed media works that are rich with texture. Quinn draws inspiration from places that carry emotional significance for her and her family. Through the process of interacting with these environments and reconfiguring painted surfaces, Quinn presents a unique body of work that can be personalized to fit any collector's vision.

Katherine Stanek's 3/4 life-size sculpture I Am. A woman with bangs stands inside an obelisk with Middle Period Egyptian hieroglyphic text that translates to a poem.

Katherine Stanek, I Am, 2023. Concrete, Edition of 5, 49 × 15 × 12 inches. Inquire for price.

Whether working spontaneously or methodically, Katherine Stanek navigates the never-ending search for personal growth and resilience in the works presented within her "Identity" series. Stanek's work is nuanced and meaningful. The above work, I Am, exemplifies this with its hieroglyphic translation of an original poem written by Stanek herself. 

Take a closer look at Stanek's sculpture and learn about their origin stories in her Artsy Viewing Room. There, you can read about the stylistic inspiration, personal motivation, and powerful message behind five select works. 

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