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Featured Artist

Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell's work is currently on display at Stanek Gallery in the exhibition - Beneath the Surface.

Scott Farrell was first introduced to the power of photography in high school when he wrote an essay on Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, and the FSA (Farm Security Administration 1935-1944.) From there, Farrell went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University which he utilized in his 22-year career in the media industry. It was only then that Scott Farrell decided to pursue his passion for photography and launched Scott Farrell Photography in March 2012. Now, his works are part of numerous private collections and are on display in many public locations like the Menhaden Hotel in Greenport Long Island (a boutique hotel which has Farrell's work in every room and throughout the common space) and at NYU Langone facilities across Long Island 

Farrell does his own printing on the highest quality paper that brings out the textural details and vibrant colors in his subjects/compositions. Each work is part of a limited series meaning only 10 prints will ever be made of any one image. Farrell's work can be enjoyed in any room and at any size - he is able to print to specified dimensions. Fully customizable frames are also available to fit these works both dimensionally and aesthetically.

Scott Farrell's Dry Documentaries print called Tug Hull in Snow Drift which shows a purple and black boat hull resting on a mond of white snow.

Scott Farrell, Tug Hull in Snow Drift, 2023. Edition of 10,

Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching
18 × 12 inches. Inquire for price.

Farrell’s archival prints are an excellent example of the famous Kafka quote, “First impressions are always unreliable.” Farrell’s images look like abstract landscapes and while that is true, it’s not the whole story. His Dry Documentaries series appears to portray a subject that is vast and expansive when, in reality, they only measure a few inches. He captures his colorful and textured images from the side of dry-docked boats along the coasts of Maine, Cape Cod, and Long Island.


Moreover, in Farrell’s new Double Visions series, he pairs his Dry Documentary images with representational “doppelgänger” photos. These combinations add another layer of intrigue to his already fascinating work.

Scott Farrell's double image print called Mesquite Dunes and Clouds which combines an image of a dry docked boat hull and a desert landscape.

Scott Farrell, Mesquite Dunes and Clouds, 2023. Edition of 10., Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching,14 × 24 inches. Inquire for pricing

Scott Farrell’s subjects feature everything from landscapes, nature, and rural and urban scenes, to architectural, abstract, and macro photography. At the forefront of Farrell's practice is a deep interest in texture, tone, composition, and lighting. He creates his imagery with a painter's eye that reflects the influences of Wyeth and Turner.

Scott Farrell's Double Visions print titled A Skeptical Cloud Eyes Skaket Beach. The scene resembles an eye floating in the sky above a marsh land/beach.

Scott Farrell, A Skeptical Cloud Eyes Skaket Beach, 2023. Edition of 10, Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching, 24 × 17 inches.

Scott Farrell’s “Dry Documentaries” series features unique, abstract and imagined landscapes, all of which are non-manipulated photographs of the hulls of boats (as seen above in Tug Hull in Snow Drift.) Texture and dimensional perspective play integral roles in Farrell's works. They promote a process of discovery for both the artist and the viewer.

Farrell explains in an interview with Stanek Gallery that when all travel plans were suspended due to COVID, his pursuit of photographing the dramatic landscapes found within our National Parks was put on hold.  Cross-country trips and day-long hikes venturing through vast forests, grasslands, deserts and mountains were replaced by local journeys through crowded boat yards - all with an even greater focus on discovering photographic alternatives to these landscapes.

In the Double Visions series, Farrell was able to create his own worlds by combining photos taken years and miles apart. He meshed together a Dry Documentaries photograph with an image that triggered a connection. The result of this unique process are the surreal prints of his Double Vision series. This transition is beautifully illustrated in Farrell's Death Valley Pallette Triptych.

Scott Farrell's three prints called Death Valley Palette Triptych - scenes of a dry docked boat, a desert landscape, and the two images overlayed are matted verticall in a composition that measures 40 x 21.

Scott Farrell, Death Valley Pallette Triptych, 2023. Edition of 10,

Archival Pigment Ink Print on Epson Legacy Etching
40 × 21 inches. Inquire for price.

Join Farrell and his fans by enjoying the irony and beauty in finding a desert-like landscape in the hulls of boats, or oceanic scenes contrived by combining mountains and painted wood.


"There's something fun about finding those desert landscapes - waterless environments - on the side of a boat that's spent its life in water."

                                                                                                   - Scott Farrell

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