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Featured Artist

Deborah Fine

Philadelphia-based artist Deborah Fine is a master of abstraction! Fine began her study of art with a portrait painter at the age of sixteen. She continued her training at Carnegie Mellon, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Beginning her training in realism, Fine has since transitioned to abstraction, working in a variety of mediums primarily including acrylics and pastels.

Fine has showcased her work in galleries since 2007, has won several awards including a Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center, and has been featured in numerous publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Times, and the Broad Street Review.

Fine is one of three artists featured in our ongoing exhibition Three Voices, which opened to the public on March 6th, and presents an entirely new body of her abstract work. Her ethereal pastels are also featured in our Online Drawing Exhibition, which will run for the month of May.

Photograph of Deborah Fine's artist studio

Despite the difficulties surrounding COVID-19, Deborah Fine has been busy in studio; nothing can stop Deborah, not even a global pandemic! She recently captured on film an enlightening studio tour and Q&A, in which she reflects on her process, inspirations, and shares a sneak peek of stunning works in progress. Take a look at a few of these fresh paintings below!

Mixed media painting by Deborah Fine titled "Dust In The Wind"
Mixed media painting by Deborah Fine titled "Rising out of darkness"

Deborah Fine's process is one of constant evolution, her works continually shaped and re-shaped by the addition and subtraction of elements. Using a variety of tools and mediums, Fine creates layers of shapes, color, and texture, always focusing on the ways in which form, color, and line can create "a feeling of movement, rhythm, and balance." Through abstraction, Fine encourages the viewer to experience the work as more than just a single entity, but instead as a journey of discovery.

While painting is certainly one of her strongest passions, Fine is also deeply committed to making the world a better place. Interested in topics of sustainability and social justice, Fine will be offering a very special opportunity to collectors over the coming months.

Moved by the work of World Central Kitchen, conceived of and run by Chef Jose Andres, Deborah Fine has pledged to donate 10% of the money she receives as a result of sales of her works during the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation will help World Central Kitchen to feed frontline healthcare workers, seniors who are unable to get out to the market, and families in communities that need support across America.

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