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Katherine Stanek

Katherine Stanek Bio 

Katherine Stanek's 3/4 life-size sculpture I Am_front view. Woman with bangs stands inside an obelisk with Middle Period Egyptian hieroglyphic text that translates to a poem.

I Am by Katherine Stanek, 2023. Concrete, 49 × 15 × 12 inches. Inquire for price.

Stanek info - Beneath the Surface exhibition - hieroglyphic text

Three different views of Stanek's torso sculpture Becoming_armor.

Becoming Armour by Katherine Stanek, 2019. Concrete, metal, leather, 21 1/2 × 8 × 6 inches. Inquire for price.

Becoming series

Katherine Stanek's red cement sculpture Woman seen from left profile.

Woman by Katherine Stanek, 2023. Concrete, 27 × 12 × 14 iinches. Inquire for price.

Katherine Stanek's blue cement sculpture Dignity. A bald woman with no arms and conical legs looking forward with bare breasts.

Fates by Nicole Michaud, 2022. Oil on linen, 58 x 70inches. Inquire for price.


Still from HC&G magazine with an image of Katherine Stanek's The Guardian sat infront of a pool that overlooks a vineyard.

The Guardian Featured in magazine - link to installations and commissions

Katherine Stanek's screen printed piece on two pieces of fabric in a white frame, RegardingYou. One male and one female figure lay naked facing each other,
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