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Collector Reflections

Stanek Gallery is committed to placing incredible artwork in the homes of valued collectors and patrons. Here, these collectors reflect on the power and importance of artwork in our daily lives.

Installation of an oil painting by Francis DiFronzo

Deborah and Howie: There's a mystery to The Sleeper's Dark as there are in most of Francis's paintings. It's always inviting us to try to understand the story behind the painting. We're tempted to ask him, but we never do because we enjoy the mystery.

This piece is hanging right next to our dining table. There's so much texture, movement, and energy in this piece. Every time we look at it we find something else that catches our interest. It's constantly inviting us to spend time discovering new gestures.

Installation of a mixed media painting
Installation of a drawing by Tamie Beldue

Harry: It is my personal opinion that great galleries are few and far between. So it was refreshing when I first set foot into Stanek Gallery. I look forward to their special events, as they provide opportunities to mingle with collectors and artists alike. Stanek represents an amzing roster of artists who continue to inspire me from the confounds of my home.

Strawbridge collage pictured in collectors' home

Donna and Marc: Louise Strawbridge's collage, Scribbles, is a poetic mix of bold color and tranquil lines that brings us sheer joy. Her mix of simple, everyday materials serves as a daily reminder that there is beauty in all things.

Installation of a photograph by Scott Farrell

CJ and Lucy: Humbly hanging from an off-white wall, Warm Front Approaching by Scott Farrell makes our living room, and me, considerably warmer. My nostalgia for coastal Maine is sometimes satisfied simply by sitting on the sofa, gazing into a 20" x 30" ocean. The image is no Atlantic, though, rather, the hull of a boat perched on dry dock for the winter Downeast. Our first piece, Warm Front Approaching is a fine art photograph that fools you for a painting while energizing the room and its guests.

Katherine Stanek advises to "only purchase art you love"--furthermore, to "only collect art that you can't stop thinking about." I think I get it, finally. Katherine made fine art accessible for us, which is why we added a second (striking) work. The Coast by Nick Runge is similarly nautical yet evocative. The old sailor seated in the shallows, mending his lines, grounded.

In our house, fine art is a balm for the soul.

Oil painting by Nick Runge titled "The Coast"
Farrell photograph pictured in collectors' home

Jessica: I never fully understood until I had a place of my own the importance and the role fine art plays in making a house, or in my case an apartment, a home. Growing up, I was surrounded by art. There were sculptures when you first walked in and every room you entered evoked a different feeling. I wanted to create that same experience, but with artwork that I chose and made me feel happy, sentimental, comforted, and relaxed. Stanek Gallery helped me achieve this goal. I have collected four pieces of artwork from the gallery so far with plans to collect much more!

Anna and Jeff: Above the mantel, original to this small house built in the early 1900's, we've placed Patrick Lee's painting of performance art enthusiasts (opera? theatre? orchestra?). Deep red carpet, dark wood, woman in hat and veil, all suffused with golden light, conjure the end of the Belle Epoque. Lovely and dramatic; We want to be there!

Installation of an oil painting by Patrick Lee

This worn yet handsome face is heroic. The old man keeps an eye on our books, Denton prints, and backs while we binge-watch Netflix productions. Julia Levitina's Old Man and the Sea is expressive, powerful, and fascinating. And our first-ever sculpture acquisition!

Installation of a bronze sculpture by Julia Levitina

Copper: This painting is so amazing. I love the texture, the colors strong and hidden... all day long it recreates itself with the light source... it’s like having a new painting every time I look at it, inviting me to look closer to see something new; my favorite of all my art work.  

Installation of a painting by Michael Quadland

Nan: Who says contemporary art doesn’t work in a colonial house?  My friends love this dramatic addition to our art collection.  And so do I!

Installation of a painting by Michael Quadland

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Do you like the artwork shared by our collectors? We are happy to share other available artwork by the same artists!

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