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Disrupted Realism
Reimagining the Figure

The Stanek Gallery presents "Disrupted Realism, Reimagining the Figure", its third exhibition since 2018 to focus on a new style of art that blends naturalism and painterly abstraction. And for the first time, sculptors are part of the mix!

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Intimate Spaces at Stanek Gallery

Videographer John Thornton returns to Stanek Gallery to capture the works of "Intimate Spaces." Featuring interviews with James Brantley, Kathy Loev Putnam, and Treacy Ziegler


Sculptor Julia Levitina

Julia Levitina delves deep into her newest body of work, describing in details the multi-step process for creating her bronze sculptures.

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Artist Patrick Lee at Stanek Gallery

Patrick Lee talks in depth about his development as an artist, and the importance of plein air to his painting technique and unique aesthetic.


The Fine Art Gallery in a Post-Covid World

Artist and gallery owner Katherine Stanek talks about the future of fine art galleries in the post-Covid world in a new video from John Thornton.

Francis DiFronzo painting titled "Crossing Paths"

Of Myth and Mystery

Videographer John Thornton presents insights from "Of Myth and Mystery" artists Francis DiFronzo and Rolf Jacobsen in his newest video for Stanek Gallery.

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