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Summer Select

Grand Reopening Exhibition
Featuring the Artists of Stanek Gallery

Thursday, July 7, 2022 - Saturday, August 20, 2022

Grand Reopening Reception

Thursday, July 7, 2022

postcard cover for the Summer Select 2022 exhibition

Stanek Gallery celebrates its Grand Reopening with our second annual Summer Select exhibition!


Featuring works by each of our Gallery Artists that possess an engaging creativity and depth of content, this show boasts a diverse collection of representational, abstract, figurative and conceptual work in a wide range of styles, techniques and subject matter. 

Michael Bartmann

Tamie Beldue

Robert Birmelin

Jacqueline Boyd

James Brantley

Moe Brooker

Martin Campos

Roger Chavez

Valerio D'Ospina

John Dowell

Stephen Early

Scott Farrell

Deborah Fine

Barbara Fisher

Carson Fox

Victor Grasso

Rolf Jacobsen

Stanka Kordic

Patrick Lee

Julia Levitina

Nicole Michaud

James Mundie

Mary Nomecos

Kathy Loev Putnam

Michael Quadland

Bruce Samuelson

Leona Shanks

Mary Spinelli

Katherine Stanek

Louise Strawbridge

Christina Weaver

Gary Weisman

Treacy Ziegler

Works from the exhibition are available for immediate shipping and pick-up.

No need to wait for the close of the show to receive your acquisition!

To see the full exhibition inventory, visit our Artsy by clicking the button below.

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