Press Releases

Shifting Perspectives

September 15, 2020

“Shifting Perspectives” exhibition presents vibrant and fresh artwork by Philadelphia artists, communicating a message of hope and joy in the wake of Covid-19 shutdowns.

Three Voices

March 02, 2020

Stanek Gallery demonstrates the harmony found between abstraction and realism in Three Voices exhibition. Featuring new works by painters, Kerry Dunn and Deborah Fine, and sculptor, Gary Weisman.

All Shall Be Well

December 20, 2019

Stanek Gallery kicks off 2020 with exhibition showcasing powerful local women artists, painter Jaqueline Boyd and mixed-media artist Louise Strawbridge.

Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World

September 25, 2019

Disrupted Realism returns to Philadelphia with this important exhibition, curated by Author John Seed, and featuring over 30 artists from 6 different countries and over a dozen states coast to coast!


September 03, 2019

Stanek Gallery is proud to present new work from painter Valerio D'Ospina and sculptor Katherine Stanek. Inspired by the unspoken relationship between these masterful artists' bodies of work, this exhibition is profound in content and uniquely powerful.

Unforeseeable Thereness

April 30, 2019

Inspired by the landscape, light and people of Ireland, "Unforeseeable Thereness", curated by artist Hollis Heichemer, celebrates the strong ties between Ireland and Philadelphia.


July 23, 2018

Two contemporary artists exhibit works profound in content and expertly rendered in paint and captured on film. Francis DiFronzo invents entire narratives that come to life in vibrant color and haunting beauty. Victoria Wyeth captures the intimate life and inspiring world of her grandfather and icon, Andrew Wyeth in black and white photography.

Passion and Desire

July 06, 2018

Stanek Gallery collaborates with Lorraine Riesenbach, owner and director of the famed Artists' House Gallery in Philadelphia, in this group exhibition featuring several of the most accomplished representational artists on the east coast.

People, Places & Things

April 10, 2018

Stanek Gallery takes you on a visual journey of beauty and intrigue captured on film in the gallery's inaugural photography exhibition. Experience flashes of reality masterfully exposed and redefined by ten accomplished artists. 


Disrupted Realism

November 16, 2017

"In the past few decades, realism in painting has made a comeback. As traditional skills return, a number of artists in the U.S. and Europe have been inspired to challenge the rigor of their realist practice by disrupting their imagery. “This exhibition will be the first time that disruption is set apart from other trends in modern art and framed as a distinctive movement that deserves further examination." -John Seed, curator

Animal I Become

February 03, 2017

"What happens when we make ourselves vulnerable to the needs of animals; no longer demanding them to fit our existence and to serve us? Can artists help forge new relationships that are not a dominion over but a becoming with animals?" -Treacy Ziegler, curator

s e v e n

December 15, 2016

Our first exhibition on 2017 features works by seven notable artists of national and international acclaim. All seven are exclusively represented in Philadelphia by Stanek Gallery.


November 03, 2016

This exhibition spotlights the work of a thriving and powerful community of artists who forge a connection through their diverse styles, bridging the gap between representational and conceptual imagery, past and present, dream and reality.

Reinterpreting Landscape and Nature

September 08, 2016

The works in the exhibition, each involving varied materials, finds an order through establishing connections between abstracted elements inspired by a common source.

Chuchoter À Travers La Rivière

May 09, 2016

Stanek Gallery Philadelphia in congunction with Hugo Galerie New York presents a dynamic exhibition that integrates contemporary European artists with Philadelphia's rich history.

Penn Treaty Village Penthouses Exhibition

May 24, 2016

 Stanek Gallery launches a new series of Satellite Exhibitions at Penn Treaty Village Penthouses. 

The Thread of Art

March 10, 2016

Stanek Gallery presents "Thread of Art: A Continuity of Creativity Through the Years"

A Leap of Faith

January 04, 2016

Stanek Gallery presents new exhibition titled "Leap of Faith".

Stanek Gallery Grand Opening

December 03, 2015

The new Stanek Gallery celebrates it's Grand Opening and debuts exhibition "Inspirations" to a packed crowd.


Inspirations Press Release

October 29, 2015

Stanek Gallery focuses on "new way of experiencing art" with it's Grand Opening in Old City, November 2015!

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