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Three Voices: Building a Harmonious Collection

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Diversity is a concept at the heart of every successful modern industry and a buzzword in just about all aspects of our daily encounters. Viewing and selecting artwork should hardly be an exception. We are complex individuals, capable of responding to a large range of visual imagery. Yet, when acquiring art, diversity in our collections is not embraced with nearly the same passion, nor pursued with the same vigor. Why do we tend to limit ourselves to a singular genre and draw strict boundaries between abstract, conceptual and representational art, as if choosing to see otherwise would result in compromising some inherent value system?

We bring our personal experiences to the table when we view works of art and the heart wants what the heart wants, but what if there is something more that can be added to that centuries-old equation that simply hasn't been presented to us just yet? What if displaying contrasting art and artists in harmonious and complimentary ways offers a fresh dialogue that fosters in turn an entirely new relationship of artwork and its viewer, one that enhances one’s experience of appreciating art in wonderful and unexpected ways?

Stanek Gallery has established itself as a premier gallery because of the quality and range of art presented within its walls. Our first criterion is and has always been quality work with longevity. Work of art possesses longevity when it delivers powerful emotional impact and offers meaningful content to its viewer over any length of time and in any collection. We take equally great pride in our presentations. Every Stanek Gallery exhibition is a painstakingly crafted constellation of visuals that hold their own independently of their context, yet reveal something novel when showcased as part of a diverse group, capable of providing a unique emotional experience to each and every viewer.

Forthcoming exhibition at the Stanek Gallery, Three Voices, offers just that: abstract mixed media two-dimensional work of Deborah Fine, creating stark contrast with bronze sculptures by Gary Weisman, that are in turn complementary to Kerry Dunn’s figurative paintings. Three Voices is about contrasting art by three diverse artists engaged in a conversation that is pure poetry, as it draws on multitude of exciting, interesting, related and, at times, unrelated, subjects. One thought leads to another and another until a new insight reveals itself, and so on, presenting its audience with a range of fascinating discoveries to be made. The three artists created work exclusively for this exhibition and although the gallery was aware of the general direction it was to take, we are unveiling the final product for ourselves only days prior to opening our gallery’s doors to share it with the art viewing public.

Art has a powerful and beneficial impact on our well-being, our minds and our hearts. When diversity is introduced to our visual experience, we are handed an opportunity to extend those benefits and take them home with us as our awareness grows, allowing us to expand our private collections.

Please join us on Friday, March 6, 2020, 6-9 PM, for the opportunity to experience our new and wonderfully diverse collection at the opening reception.

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