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Peer Perspectives: Why Stanek Gallery Continues to Captivate the Philadelphia Art Community

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

A little over four years ago, friend, colleague and brilliant sculptor, Katherine Stanek, responding with energy and ingenuity (as she does to all things) to once vibrant Philadelphia's Old City art community being in desperate need of revival, along with painter Debbie Lieberman Fine, opened what ranks today among Philadelphia’s most recognized abodes for high-caliber fine art crafted by artists of national and international renown. Stanek Gallery finds its home in a beautiful sunlit space at the corner of 3rd and New Streets in Old City Philadelphia. It is, and has been from its very inception, an artist-run, women-run, originally and beautifully conceived local small business art gallery.

In addition to exhibiting works by represented artists, chosen through conventional means, Stanek Gallery invites acclaimed curators to put together exhibitions as unique as the venue that houses them. The gallery has welcomed artists affiliated with the Barnes Foundation, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Fellowship of the Academy, Hugo Gallery in New York’s Soho district, InLiquid in Philadelphia, ArtC New Jersey, Nelson Shanks’ Studio Incamminati and the African American Museum in Philadelphia, just to name a few. It continues to attract artists and curators of international renown and has held exhibitions of museum-worthy significance in Old City as well as in its elegant and varied satellite locations in Philadelphia. Stanek Gallery is also expanding its presence nationally by participating in prestigious art fairs, most recently in New York City.

Katherine Stanek and her team, ever successful at finding innovative, energetic and fresh approaches to enrich the community, all the while representing with integrity the gallery and its artists, have hosted talks and panel discussions, painting and drawing demonstrations, music concerts and sit-down meals, cocktails and happy hours. Katherine continues to remind artists and art appreciators alike of the many forms that art takes while remaining relevant and contemporary, meaningful and exceptionally crafted. Stanek Gallery is a rarity in a world plagued by apathy, a beautiful outlier in the art market that places material gain above all else. It offers instead passion and vision as a retreat from cynicism by displaying within its walls meaningful wonders for our consideration in the form of art exhibited and represented there.

Stanek Gallery is currently at the forefront of a new exciting tendency in representational fine art, dubbed “Disrupted Realism,” with an exhibition of the same name on view at the gallery through the end of December. It is accompanied by newest book by John Seed, respected art critic and philosophical mastermind behind the show. Seed’s book, titled “Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World,” with a foreword by Katherine Stanek, sums up the phenomenon, leaving a constellation of over thirty painters represented on its pages and in the current exhibition to speak of their work in a series of fascinating interviews.

Please stop by Stanek Gallery to view "Disrupted Realism," on view through December 28, 2019, with its second month’s First Friday reception held on December 6, 2019.

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