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City In Motion

"Third Avenue" by Valerio D'Ospina

Our current exhibition City in Motion features a collection of new works by prominent cityscape painters Valerio D’Ospina, Scott Noel and Ben Schwab. What sets this exhibition apart from any other is the unique way each of these artists depict the urban experience: we are presented with three distinct and powerful approaches to painting which capture the vitality, grit and ultimately the beauty of the metropolis.

Valerio D'Ospina takes us rapidly through the streets of New York City, Paris and Italy with his vigorous brushstrokes and expert use of geometric abstract lines. With the same energy and enthusiasm, the artist acquaints us with the towering façade of a flatiron building and several massive industrial tankers, all of which are imposing and full of allure.

"Downed Plane in the Plaza" by Scott Noel

Scott Noel masterfully captures the freshness of his impressions, exposing Philadelphia as an expansive metropolis shimmering with revitalization. Historic architecture is juxtaposed with new structures added to the city's landscape in recent decades as a result of new development. Noel's intricate compositions also glow under the warmth of natural sunlight, which seems to suggest an era of optimism and prosperity.

Ben Schwab responds to the impact that time and change have on the urban

environment in his paintings, and this concept is expressed not only in subject matter, but also within his artistic process. A sense of impermanence is created through translucent layering and a wonderful variety of mark making, further conveying the passage of time and the idea of evolution.

City in Motion is on view at Stanek Gallery now through December 30th, 2017.

Register here for our Live Painting Demonstration with Valerio D'Ospina on Saturday, December 16th (space is limited for this free event).

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