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In less than two weeks, our current exhibition Unveiled will end. If you have not yet had the opportunity to view this brilliant collection of new works by our represented artists, now is the time and here is just a taste of what you'll experience:

Laura Adams offers several works of incredible intricacy and precision. She focuses on sumptuously patterned objects all posed against incredibly detailed textiles. The exquisite images defy their two-dimensionality through Adams’ rendering of textile, almost encouraging us to reach out and touch.

Moe Brooker’s large canvases bring a bright and playful dynamic to the show, juxtaposing brilliant patterns with formal constructions of space and color. These purely abstract images carry the vibrancy, movement, and spirituality of African American culture.

Francis DiFronzo’s latest body of work provide a view into the mind of the artist himself. These new, darker oil paintings feature imaginative landscapes from a world of DiFronzo's creation. The impeccable images present desolate and mysterious spaces that resemble the American West with its iconic roadside motels and diners.

Similarly dark, though simultaneously odd and curious, are James G. Mundie’s ink drawings. The intricately rendered images feature oddities of nature placed against historic backdrops. The unique blend of his meticulous style with the grotesque subject matter piques our intrigue and horror, effectively drawing us in to the images.

Carson Fox’s enchanting custom installation, along with her colorful resin sculptures are a sight to behold. Resembling beautiful growths of crystal and quartz, they communicate the beauty of nature.Their artificiality however creates a playful tension between the natural and the man-made.

Painter Barbara Fisher creates a visual language in her works through the interaction of shape, symbol, and color. Her seemingly chaotic compositions find peace and order in their formal and conceptual qualities. The highly atmospheric works generate energy and thought, occupying the space of the dream, the reverie, or the idea.

Sculptor Gary Weisman's gestural masterpieces showcase the artist's striking presentation of the human form, as well as his unique ability to portray the intensity of human emotion. Weisman's sculptures are alive with poise, agility and desire for the intangible.

Bruce Samuelson’s new paintings represent a union of both figurative and conceptual elements. The abstracted figurative works provide a merging of organic forms with geometric elements, at once disorienting and soothing to the viewer.

Deborah Fine's latest body of abstract landscapes are spacious, balanced and full of light. Through expert use of her chosen medium, Deborah creates a variety of surface texture which gives even greater vitality to these pastel paintings.

Sculptor Katherine Stanek is showing two new concrete figures that have been masterfully finished to look like natural wood carvings. The combination of soft, feminine forms and the vigorous characteristic of tree bark grants a strong sense of connection and empowerment.

Painter Stuart Shils has a wonderfully energetic group of new paintings on view that are unlike anything the artist has done before. Through experimentation with color and medium, Shils has created a new world rich with symbolism and chromatic intensity.

UNVEILED is on view now through July 1st 2017 at Stanek Gallery.

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