• by Vanessa Werring

Bruce Samuelson

Very recently, Stanek Gallery announced some exciting news: we are now exclusively representing select artists whose work is of superb quality and artistic expression. We are pleased that our first introduction to these artists features Bruce Samuelson, long recognized as one of Philadelphia’s premier painters.

For Bruce Samuelson, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is home base. He graduated from the Academy and began teaching there in 1973. He has been one of their most prominent instructors ever since. He is best known for his semi-abstracted figurative pieces which combine strong architectural and geometric elements with softer, more organic forms. His early influences include Picasso, Giacometti and Francis Bacon; as a student, he was inspired by artists such as Hobson Pittman, Julian Levy and Walter Stuempfig.

Critics have commented on the “tragic quality” inherent in Bruce’s figurative depictions. The artist however says that that is not intentional. There is no specific narrative in the work; subject matter is born out of Samuelson's response to the materials he uses (oil paint, pastel and charcoal) as well as human movement and form. Each piece begins in a kind of "chaos" and solidifies through process. Bruce's paintings and works on paper have achieved worldwide recognition in solo gallery exhibitions, museums and the homes of collectors throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Even the almost endless list of his honors and awards pales in comparison to his brilliant artistic achievements. We invite you to see them for yourself.

"M-13 Untitled" by Bruce Samuelson (1999). Lithograph on paper, 18 x 13".

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