• Katherine Stanek

The Future of Visual Art in Philadelphia

Picture this:

Philadelphia has a long and enduring connection with the visual arts. America’s first art museum and school was founded here in 1805. We are home to world-class museums, architectural landmarks and many of the nation’s most significant historical monuments. Our public art collection, which is among one of the largest in the United States, attracts thousands each year.

And yet…

Philadelphians are compelled to search elsewhere when considering additions to their art collections. Local artists do not feel validated unless their work is exhibited in New York or Europe. Our objective at Stanek Gallery is to change the game by dramatically altering these tendancies. We want to correct all misconceptions about the extraordinary quality of fine artwork available right here at home.

Our current exhibition, “Chuchoter A Travers La Riviere”, is a major step in that direction. All of the work is being shown in Philadelphia for the first time. Each piece has been created by a contemporary European artist who has achieved acclaim in New York and Boston as well as Europe.

The collection has been curated by Reco Sturgis, founder of Hugo Galerie and former director of Axelle Fine Arts Galerie in New York City. Both his reputation and the artists he has selected for this exhibit are impeccable: Beth Carter, Marc Chalme, Fabienne Delacroix, Michel Delacroix, Albert Hadjiganev, Julia Levitina and Xavier Rodes.

It is significant that Hugo Galerie of New York has chosen Philadelphia, and in particular Stanek Gallery in old city, to launch its new brand. We are postured for success in this arena and are ready to watch our art market grow. It is time for this city to take its place as a prime destination for both seeing and acquiring art that is new and relevant.

“Chuchoter A Travers La Riviere” (Whispers Across the River) will be on view from June 3 through August 13. Stop in to see what you’ve been missing.

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