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Stanek Gallery and Hugo Galerie NYC Bring Europe to Philadelphia

There are surely many reasons to visit Paris. But if the goal is to see great European art, Stanek Gallery in Philadelphia has you covered. Our summer exhibition Chuchoter À Travers La Rivière" (June 3 - August 13) features seven European artists who exclusively exhibit in New York and Boston in the U.S., until now. This riveting group show is curated by Hugo Galerie of New York and features work that has never before been seen in Philadelphia.

Sculptor Beth Carter is debuting her newest bronze piece “Crouching Minotaur” as well as a bronze version of her sculpture “Horse Child”. Carter spent time studying mythological sculpture in several countries world-wide including Sri Lanka and India.

French-born Marc Chalme is unique among cityscape artists. He explores the elusive nature of light and creates imagery that is eerily inviting. Chalme prefers to draw from his own impressions as opposed to using photography as a reference which imparts a mysterious, dream-like quality onto the work.

Renowned artist Michel Delacroix, who paints in the Naïf style with total aesthetic and expressive freedom, depicts street scenes of Paris that are hardly typical. Delacroix paints the Paris of his childhood, during the German occupation when the city streets were quiet and empty — a stark contrast with the urban metropolis of today.

Michel's daughter, Fabienne Delacroix, who is stylistically similar to her father because he mentored her for decades, captures the joy that symbolized life in Paris during the Belle Époque at the turn of the 20th century.

Bulgarian-born Albert Hadjiganev made his way to Paris early on to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and was the recipient of the Coveted Grand Prix de Peinture of the Academy de Beaux-Arts in 1989. Hadjiganev’s masterful works are inspired by a sensitivity to nature and grounded by his profound knowledge of art history.

Ukrainian sculptor Julia Levitina is also debuting her new bronze portrait “Eurydice”, a lovely companion piece for “Old Man and the Sea” which is featured in the exhibition as well. Julia divides her time between Paris (where she also exhibits her work) and her home in Philadelphia.

Born in Barcelona, landscape painter Xavier Rodes lives and works in Spain. Quite often however, he travels to the U.S. for inspiration. That inspiration fuels his interpretations of these seaside docks and sunlit shacks on the coast of New England. His precision and treatment of light truly render these works astonishing.

We’ve extended our hours for the summer to include Wednesday, 2:30-7:30pm and Thursday through Sunday, noon-5pm.

“Chuchoter À Travers La Rivière” (“Whispers Across the River”) will remain on view through August 13th 2016.

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