• by Vanessa Werring

Tony Trezza

What is most striking about the sculpture of Tony Trezza is the incredible sense of weightlessness it imparts on its viewer. These marble pieces (which range from twenty-seven to thirty-four inches in height) are anything but lightweight; their forms are thick and solid, and Trezza will often incorporate a base which he also carves out of the stone, rendering the work structurally sound. However this substantial quality is not what we are most cognizant of (or at least not for long) when we examine his work. Instead we find ourselves boundless, traveling along geometric planes and organic curves, delighting in the swift, yet gentle and deliberate movement that each piece holds.

The sculptor grew up in a quiet row home in south Philadelphia and, from an early age, demonstrated not only exceptional ability but also an interminable passion for the visual arts. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and afterward traveled to Italy where he would immerse himself in the works of the great masters such as Michelangelo, Cellini and Raphael among others. Trezza took time to continue his education alongside Master Carvers at the Palla Studio/Workshop in Pietrasanta, the epicenter of one of two marble districs on the Tuscan coast. It was here in Pietrasanta that his ability in figurative art and realism merged with variable geometric forms, transcending his work into abstraction.

“Marble is a generous material”, Trezza says of his chosen medium. “It allows me to create forms without limitations. I enjoy marble and all that it has to offer. It smells good—it feels good—its exciting."

Tony Trezza currently has work on display at Stanek Gallery as part of "The Thread of Art", an exhibition which runs through May 28th, 2016.

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