• by Vanessa Werring

Kyle Cassidy

Photographer Kyle Cassidy describes his work as “dark and malevolent…but humorous” as his style involves flights of fancy and an element of entertainment. Laws of nature are applied inconsistently as people and objects are often levitating; themes of “truth” and “fiction” are explored yet there is a disconnection between premise and conclusion.

Interaction with people (through his blog and other forms of social media) is vital in Cassidy’s creative process. Shooting images, producing a body of work to be shown simply wasn’t gratifying enough for him so he invited the public to comment and collaborate. “I wanted to be a part of something that other people could help shape or take part of. “

Kyle’s approach to shooting portraits has resulted in book covers and album art as well as poignant documentation of American counter- culture: he has photographed Goths, Punks, Cutters, Metal Heads and Alternative Fashion in addition to other less prosaic subjects.

There is an unconventional approach in both what Cassidy shoots as well as the ways in which he exhibits, having once had an entire show of photos all under water in dark room trays under orange safelights. “Everything seemed to look better in the darkroom”, he said and recreated that atmosphere in the gallery. This unpredictability and courage that is characteristic of Cassidy’s work makes him not only an exciting photographer to look at but also a fascinating artist to know. His publications include several books on information technology as well as a regular appearance as contributing editor for Videomaker magazine.

Kyle’s work has also appeared in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Photographers Forum and numerous other publications.

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