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Claudia McGill

Claudia McGill says “Art is an adventure for me” and with her paintings she takes the viewer with her as she explores new mediums working in clay, college and now acrylic on panel, constantly experimenting with composition.

Bold color and line combined with multiple perspectives reminiscent of Matisse gives way to soft transitions that evoke a sense of movement and activity making each image an allegory of an event rather than depicting a frozen moment or a singular object.

There is a tension in Claudia’s paintings as buildings bow, furniture tips and cars seem to be falling from one space to another yet her subjects are grounded in pleasant interiors, street scenes and people interacting with a familiarity that balances this tension.

As a lifelong resident of suburbia, her paintings are inspired by the details of the world around her. You can see these and many others by Claudia McGill at the Stanek Gallery until May 28th, 2016.

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