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Christine Stoughton

According to Christine, "capturing of the ephemeral" is an essential component in her work and with her most recent series "Protection and Escape" she has accomplished exactly that. Through the creative assembly of organic materials, including her own handmade paper, Christine constructs a visually engaging moment that transforms with each movement of the piece.

Whether suspended from above or grounded on a surface, Christine's sculptural forms move gracefully through space as they captivate the viewer from every angle. Spontaneous movement created by the twisting and turning of her materials and the ever changing environment provide the foundation for endless combinations and presentations. Christine's drawings and prints evoke the same whimsical qualities as her sculptures with color/texture combinations and a fragility that evoke thoughts of life, death and regeneration.

In the artist's words:

“Inherent in the making of art is the transformation of a creative impulse into a creative action. In the visual arts this involves a change from the artistic concept to the art object. My work is strongly motivated by this idea of change, both in the making of the work and in the final image. Eastern philosophy, with its honoring of the simple and its focus on change with mindfulness in the present, is a guiding principle for me. My former profession of practicing psychologist and my experience of being a mother has reinforced the view that living life is about honoring change and recognizing impermanence. Thus the capturing of the ephemeral is essential to my art.

Close observation of the transformation that is inherent in nature, and my interaction with this natural environment, influence my art. The way plants change their form as they grow, the movement of wind and water, and the rhythm of light and shadow inform my work. My art, whether 2D or 3D, often depicts abstracted images moving in an undefined environment. Transitions from internal space to external space, from grounded ness to groundlessness, are consistent themes in my work. The work is often presented in an informal manner with the intent of emphasizing the aesthetics of the everyday.

Simple, easily accessible and often natural objects are my materials of choice. The goal is always to maintain the integrity of the material while transforming it in a manner that allows the artist and the viewer to experience it in a new and often surprising way. The materials used, the lines drawn, the image portrayed, generally have the expressive quality of fragility and vulnerability. The challenge for this artist is to express an emotional sensitivity in the work, while maintaining a substance, an “Itness” that allows it to withstand the passing of time. This challenge is a reflection of my view of human development, the need to remain emotionally open while being strong enough to go the distance.”

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