• Katherine Stanek

Holly Trostle Brigham

Holly Trostle Brigham's work takes us on a journey that leads us to moments when gender, stereotypes and preconceived expectations of human limitations fall away to reveal a confident and determined portrait of women in impactful roles of history.

These character traits are echoed in Holly's bold colors and confident lines. Her exploration in materials and presentation bring us closer to the subject as she incorporates actual relics relating to her paintings, texture within her prints and thoughtful presentation that ties the scene together.

Holly's style and handling is consistent with her message. Using her own features to depict her characters, Holly is completely invested in her work and establishes a genuine connection with her subject. The combination of personal expression and public image provide for a socially engaging image.

In the artist's words...

My work contributes to the dialogue among feminist writers, historians, critics, and artists in order to define a space for creative work and agency for women. Through my figurative paintings, I challenge notions about the female body, redefine myths, and recover the lives of historical women. I draw upon my knowledge of art history, symbolism, and iconography to create rich stories about the women I paint. By projecting my own likeness into the portraits I create, I identify with the women I paint and explore my own sense of being an artist and woman in relation to accomplished women across centuries and cultures.

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