• Katherine Stanek

Shane Stratton

Capturing Imagination and Attention

Shane Stratton's sculpture and craftsmanship has captured the attention and imagination of collectors, professional artists and artist programs across the US. As a Fulbrght Senior Scholar, Shane lived in Istanbul, Turkey for nine months where he created his monumental sculpture, Bosphorous and he has been invited to at least ten other artist-in-residence programs.

Shane's commissions span the globe which includes work on projects for a artists such as Deborah Butterfield, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and most recently, the 2015 clay modeling, mold and casting for the 14' Hans Haacke bronze sculpture "Gift Horse" in Trafalgar Square, London.

It is not difficult to understand why so many are attracted to Shane's work. It is evident from his subject matter and the handling of his material that Shane enjoys what he is doing. His marks are open and fresh exhibiting a playfulness that captures your imagination with strength and confidence that holds your attention. His finishing for each piece relates to the subject in a way that can only be accomplished by one who trusts his instincts.

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