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Your New Philadelphia Art Gallery

On Sunday December 6th the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a full-page story lamenting the current state of art galleries in Philadelphia. The single positive note in the article was the opening of our gallery, Stanek Gallery.

According to the article, fine art galleries are coming to an end. But in fact, just like anything else, they simply must change. This is why we created Stanek Gallery. We are determined to grow and adapt as the situation demands, for you, the art-lover, the discerning collector, to offer you a unique art experience.

Inside the gallery, we've created a special viewing area for collectors-a private, comfortable place where art can be appreciated and discussed, just as it would be at home. There is also a working artist's studio which provides a special kind of energy; art is not only shown here, it is also created here.

There is a reason that Philadelphia Inquirer focused on Stanek Gallery as the future of art galleries. There is a reason why Philadelphia Magazine said we are "the place to visit."

Come see for yourself.

This is not the end. This is the birth of Stanek Gallery.

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