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6 Reasons to visit Stanek Gallery's current show "Inspirations"

The inaugural exhibit at Stanek Gallery features work by 6 prominent Philadelphia-area artists with reputations that extend far beyond the city limits.

Gary Weisman's sculptures are in the permanent collection of museums throughout the world. The bronze sculptures "dePosition" and "Accomplished", currently on display at Stanek Gallery, are part of a series of bronze figures, some of which have been acquired by the Museu Europeu d' Art Modern (MEAM) in Barcelona for their permanent collection.

Bruce Samuelson is a brilliant painter whose work is mostly exhibited in New York and Europe. The works currently on display at Stanek Gallery, from small initimate paintings to large exquisite pastels, have never been shown in Philadelphia, until now.

Stuart Feldman sculpted "Nova" while working with Boris Blai, a protege of Rodin. Master lineage of this caliber is seldom seen outside of museums. Stanek Gallery is currently the only public venue where you can see this remarkable bronze sculpture.

Moe Brooker's paintings hang in museums throughout the world- including the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was recently commissioned to create the extraordinary stained glass windows at the Wyandach train station in NY.!public-art-/c1lva

Katherine Stanek's sculpture "Fallen" is currently on display at the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern in Barcelona and a similar companion piece "Fallen II" is in progress at Katherine's studio located within the gallery. These and other impressive sculptures exhibited at Stanek Gallery are inspired by Philadelphia's architecture.

And if that is not enough:

Admission is free.

And, unlike viewing such significant works of art at a museum, these can be purchased, enjoyed and appreciated in your home.

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