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Sculpture by Julia Levitina
featured in the exhibition

These works are about the story - the struggles, violence, resilience, and hope they represent in forms that are both culturally imperative and hauntingly beautiful.



Stanek Gallery presents Julia Levitina's newest body of work referencing the Russo-Ukranian War. These sculptures show the evolution of Levitina's signature style as they take on narratives that cut to the bone and warm the heart. They make tangible the duality and reliance of the human spirit.

Levitina has family in Ukraine whose stories she has transcribed into moving bronze sculptures. These multi-figural scenes embody the community and resilience of the Ukrainian people as they withstand violence and atrocities.

Play each video to view these works from every angle.

Click the button below to explore this and other questions in Julia Levitina's virtual viewing room on Artsy.

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