Martin Campos

A.T. In Red I

Martin Campos began drawing when he was a child. Throughout his career, Campos has honed his skills through independent study and private instruction. He pursued a formal education in the arts at New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico, studying Studio Arts and Art History. Campos later received a Certificate of Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His work, which focuses on the figure, is continually evolving, and greatly influenced by his time at PAFA.

Campos is both a talented figurative artist and a much sought-after instructor. Campos began his teaching career while in New Mexico, conducting classes in cast drawing. He has lectured and held workshops in figure painting, drawing, and anatomy throughout the United States and abroad, and has taught at institutions such as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Fleisher Art Memorial, Washington Studio School, and the Wayne Art Center. Campos is the recipient of numerous awards, and his works have been exhibited across the US and in Europe.