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The Space Between

a solo exhibition
featuring the newest works by Disrupted Realism artist

Stanka Kordic

Opens Thursday, July 6th and runs through August 19th with an artist Q&A and  catalog release event on August 13th at 3 pm

Stanka Kordic's oil painting titled What They Know featuring a woman in a sea of color

Stanka Kordic, What They Know, 2023. Oil on cradled wood panel, 25 x 28 inches.​ Inquire for price.

Stanka Kordic, a woman of Croatian heritage currently residing in Ohio, is an artist who lives, works, and plays between disparate concepts. Known for her powerful portraits and ability to meld abstraction and realism, Kordic's newest works do not disappoint. Eloquently put by Gallery Director, Katherine Stanek, this body of work is a “…masterful blend of old world feel with a contemporary edge.”

"The Space Between," is a solo exhibition curated to draw particular attention to how Kordic utilizes reality and abstraction, light and dark, the concept of the viewer and the viewed, and the emotions evoked by those disparities in her painting. Living in and between cultures, countries, and customs, Kordic is adept at existing in an undefined middle ground. This ability has strengthened her artistic practice and enabled her to produce a space of raw innovation that is entirely her own.

Stanka Kordic has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur! The July issue of this prestigious art collectors and enthusiasts periodical has written about Kordic's latest work and solo-exhibition here at Stanek Gallery. 

Stanka Kordic's oil painting titled Witness featuring a young woman on a bright blue background

Stanka Kordic, Witness, 2023. Oil on cradled birch panel, 24 x 36 inches.​ Inquire for price.

"This is my declaration of independence as a woman in the world" -  Stanka Kordic

Kordic's portraiture of young women captures the often tumultuous but also empowering nature of the female experience. These women maintain serenity and composure in a chaotic, ominous, or disruptive environment. There is a distortion of both figure(s) and setting that seems more related to the viewer's perception of the figure(s) than the figure(s) physical description. These delicately articulated women are painted with a softness that directly contrasts the sharpness of their eyes and the hazy darkness of the background.

Essentially, Kordic has fixed ethereal moments of composure within variable environments that bleed both in and out of the figures - a feat that is masterful and fraught with feminine power.

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