Julia Sidorskaya

Julia Sidorskaya (July 22, 1980-February 19, 2018) was born in Odessa, Ukraine.  As a child, she enjoyed painting and sculpting. In her teenage years, Julia developed a love for photography and sought instruction from her uncle, professional photographer Leonid Sidorsky. Julia was particularly taken with portrait photography, found each facial expression beautiful and revealing of character.  She loved Odessa and thought it was freshly enchanting in every season. Julia was particularly fond of the fog, said it made the city look like a nineteenth century lady behind her veil. Julia believed that life was to be enjoyed and that love of the  world began with love for the people living in it. Her photographs reflect this love. 


Julia’s probing, critical eye finds beauty as she looks around, remembering to search for her subjects above and below, in full sun or in diffused early morning light. She isolates particular instances and captures their universality.  Her photographs are a gentle reminder of the enchantment the world offers every day for our consideration if we only take care to look carefully around. 


Julia had big dreams and plans for her art, one of them was to have a prestigious gallery exhibition of her photographs. 


This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Julia Sidorskaya. Funds from sales of her work will go towards preserving her legacy via an expanded full-color hard-cover catalogue of her photographs. 


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