Gary Weisman

Resting on Trust (detail)
Night Water Butterfly
Past Hope

Drawing inspiration from Greek forms, the romance of the Italian Renaissance, Egyptian steles, and the works of Auguste Rodin and Constantin Brancusi, Gary Weisman creates historically inspired bronze sculptures that possess a contemporary dynamism. Weisman’s primarily nude forms reflect his preoccupation with the human condition and highlight the human body’s impressive capabilities.


Weisman was first drawn to sculpture for its ability to reveal itself immediately and simultaneously, like a gestalt. Rare among contemporary sculptors, he performs every step of his art-making process by hand, mixing clay and modeling, doing lost-wax casting in his foundry, and sanding and polishing in his studio. By paying astute attention to negative space, he crafts sculptures whose presences extend beyond their immediate forms and lend their surroundings a multidimensional quality.