Opening Reception:

September 8th 2017, 6pm - 9pm

"Nelson Shanks and His Influence" exhibition postcard

 Curated by Leona Shanks and Natalie Italiano, this exhibition honoring the life and legacy of world-renowned painter Nelson Shanks will feature the work of the master himself along with thirty two artists whom he profoundly influenced: 

Bo Bartlett 

Alisyn Blake 

Scott Bricher

Federico Castelluccio

Ismael Checo

Nora Daniel

Jon DeMartin

Kerry Dunn

Stephen Early

Jarred Fisher

Robin Frey

Shira Friedman

Ronald Frontin

Katya Held

Natalie Italiano

Peter Kelsey

Stephen Kennedy

Darren Kingsley

Robert Liberace

JaFang Lu

Daniel Mahlman

Ken Marlow

Diane Rappisi

Kate Savage

Alexander Shanks

Leona Shanks

Alex Sigurani

Alex Soukas

Rebecca Tait

Dan Thompson

Lea Wight

Barbara Zanelli