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Conversations with the Other

Showcasing works by
Robert Birmelin | James G. Mundie | Treacy Zieger

Opening Saturday, March 4th, and running through April 29th.

Robert Birmelin's reversible painting of a business man entering a suburban house without gravity
James G Mundie's Robert 'The Man With Two Faces' Melvin as Janus of Traveling Outdoor Amusement.

From left to right: Robert Birmelin, Suburb (Reversible), 2002. Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches;

James G. Mundie, Robert 'The Man With Two Faces' Melvin as Janus of Traveling Outdoor Amusement, 2023. Ink drawing on paper, 9.75 x 7.25 inches. Inquire for price.

Stanek Gallery invites you to explore our upcoming exhibition "Conversations with the Other" which opens March 4th and will remain on display until April 29th. Come appreciate the sentiment of being "othered" and marvel at the works of Robert Birmelin, James G. Mundie, and Treacy Ziegler in all of their forms: icons, works on paper, paintings, and sculptures of bronze and concrete.

Investigate these works that act as mirrors or gateways to a universal yet enigmatic “Other” whether that be a perpetual outsider, a modern outcast, or a weathered soul.

Painted bronze sculpture of a lamb pulling a caged throne.

Treacy Ziegler, Pulling the Burden, circa 2018. Bronze, 7 x 5 x 15 inches.

Intruiged? Take a deeper dive into select works by Treacy Ziegler compiled in this Artsy Viewing Room. This feature allows you to spend time with pieces that inspire contemplation and read more about what makes Ziegler's art so impactful.

But wait...there's more! We heard how much you enjoyed taking a longer harder look at a few particular works so we've done it again. Visit Robert Birmelin's viewing room by clicking the button above. Look and then look again with us as we unpack his work.

Connect with these varied works in "Conversations with the Other" when you visit Stanek Gallery. There is something for everyone in this eclectic and reflective collection.

Birmelin's paintings offer multiple points of focus and perspective. Spend time investigating the disruptions of the compositions. There is always something more to discover in his work.

Mundie's theatrical images in notable historical context showcase the wonders of costume and performance. The subjects in his artworks shift the locus of power between individuals confidently expressing their uniqueness and outcasts putting on a show. Read more about his work here.

The selection of Ziegler's sculptures, paintings, and icons in "Conversations with the Other" carefully and tactfully offer moments of contemplation. These provocative and comforting artworks give space for the viewer to see and be seen.


We invite you to this upcoming exhibition that opens in March to investigate what solitude and otherness mean to you.

Curious about the work of James G. Mundie? Visit his virtual solo show Cabinet of Curiosities - Works on Paper which features drawings of human and animal remains as featured in museum exhibitions.

Scroll here to view the pieces by Robert Birmelin, James G. Mundie, and Treacy Ziegler that are featured in "Conversations with the Other" as well as some additional works on paper! Click to purchase through our WIX store.

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