Common Thread

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The exhibition "Common Thread" presents the most recent works of three women artists whose skillful use of material and memory brings order from chaos. Discover the common thread that unites the varied and evocative works of Agathe Bouton, Barbara Fisher, and Christina Weaver!

Shifting Perspectives

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Stanek Gallery presents exciting new works from local Philadelphia painters Michael Bartmann and Nicole Michaud, and Brooklyn-based sculptor Carson Fox!

Three Voices

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Combining abstraction and realism, and two- and three-dimensional works, Three Voices is a shining example of the harmony that can be achieved through difference. This exhibition catalogue features the works of exhibiting artists Kerry Dunn, Deborah Fine, and Gary Weisman!

All Shall Be Well

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Exploring the notions of memory and the passage of time, local artists Jacqueline Boyd and Louise Strawbridge have a powerful message to share. All Shall Be Well celebrates these two incredible women artists whose works share a common thread, and whose sensitivity to concept and craft is truly insurmountable.

Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World

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Written by John Seed, with Forward from Katherine Stanek, this book features the works of 33 artists from around the world. These highly accomplished artists, visionaries in a developing movement of great importance, explore with rawness and nuance the depths of human emotion and experience, communicating through paint the fragmentation of modern life.


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Stanek Gallery is proud to present new work from painter Valerio D'Ospina and sculptor Katherine Stanek. Inspired by the unspoken relationship between these masterful artists' bodies of work, this exhibition is profound in content and uniquely powerful.

Moe Brooker

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With both spontaneity and purpose, immediacy and direction, these stunning and joyous works represent Brooker's "search for the real". Through color, rhythm and form, the artist leads us on a journey that is inventive, personal and alive!

Carson Fox

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Stanek Gallery is pleased to present Fox's sculpture and installation works, which explore the notions of transience, continuity and the passage of time. Celebrating the extraordinary beauty and complexity of nature, Carson Fox's incredible sculptural works and custom installations present a striking display perfect for any space!

Unforeseeable Thereness

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Curated by artist Hollis Heichemer and presented by Stanek Gallery, "Unforeseeable Thereness" is a celebration of the lasting connection between Ireland and Philadelphia. Inspired by Heichemer's time at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, County Mayo, and the landscape, light and people of Ireland, this exhibition shares the fruits of years of exchange, travel, admiration and collaboration.

John E. Dowell Jr. | Photographic Evolution

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John E. Dowell Jr., native Philadelphian and Professor Emeritus at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, is not just a photographer, but an artist with a camera. Dowell captures both urban and agricultural environments, imbuing them with historic context and poetic content through digital processes of image manipulation. The body of work in this book reflects the evolution of Dowell's photographic practice, and investigates themes of spirituality, time and memory, rhythm and movement, and the relationship between the land and the history of our nation.

Julia Sidorskaya | a photographic journey

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Odessa, the city by the sea, as seen by a photographer with a remarkable eye for beauty, Yulia Sidorskaya (July 22, 1980 - February 19, 2018), loved this world and left it far too soon.  This exhibition catalog captures images of passion and longing, solitude and the sense of passage of time, tenderness and profound philosophical reflection; all seen through the lens of an optimist who considered life as a unity. 

Disrupted Realism

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Stanek Gallery brings together international leaders of the contemporary painting movement Disrupted Realism for the first time in a ground-breaking exhibition curated by artist and writer John Seed. 

Nelson Shanks and His Influence: Past, Present, Future

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In a celebration of Nelson Shanks ongoing legacy, thirty two artists influenced by Nelson come together in a one of a kind exhibition in Philadelphia. This catalog contains the works featured in "Nelson Shanks and His Influence" and more.

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