Intimate Spaces

With imagination and emotion at the core of creation, the works of Jacqueline Boyd, Martin Campos, and Stanka Kordic, speak to the contemporary experience of many, dealing with concepts of dreams and reality, past and present, and the inexorable passage of time.

Intimate Spaces

Intimate Spaces is a conversation about discovery and connection. Enjoy this opportunity to muse, ponder, and explore an essential part of contemporary life through the exciting new works of James Brantley, Kathy Loev Putnam, and Treacy Ziegler. 

Patrick Lee:

Inside Voices

Through his mastery of technique, Patrick Lee imbues his paintings with a fresh, gestural, and interpretive aura. Referencing real life, passing moments, and his own memory, Lee captivates his audience with the constantly evolving world within his works.

Julia Levitina: Fundamental of Flight

Julia Levitina's textured surfaces and painterly patinas bring to life her exquisite, dynamic forms. This new body of work, titled Fundamentals of Flight, features sculptures both profound and serious, and joyfully light-hearted. 

Of Myth and Mystery

Presenting the new creations and timeless favorites of Francis DiFronzo and Rolf Jacobsen, the thought-provoking exhibition, "Of Myth and Mystery" demonstrates that when observation, memory, and imagination converge, a new reality emerges. 

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