Barbara Fisher

Leap of Faith
Outskirts of Town
Detour.36x36 (resize)

"Transforming interior states into a visual language is what drives me as an artist.  To quote Carl Jung, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”.  I am willing to embrace chaos, in the hopes of finding/creating that secret order.


Each painting hints at a narrative based on the way I envision energy, ideas, matter, psychic states, memories and other elements interacting.  A blue atmospheric corner may represent a safe haven; a dark corner, a danger zone.  A shape may be trying to reach or move through an area, encountering visual and/or psychic roadblocks; an image might disintegrate and be transformed into something new.  These encounters might be happening inside a brain, inside a supercollider, or under a microscope; there is no definitive interpretation."


Asheville artist Barbara Fisher recieved a B.F.A in Painting from The University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. and her M.F.A from San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA. Fisher is a recipient of a prestigious grant from the renowned Pollock-Krasner Foundation, which seeks to award funding to artists who have demonstrated excellence throughout their careers, and whose practices are constantly evolving. Her work is featured in numerous corporate collections, has appeared in major Hollywood films and is exhibited extensively in the U.S.